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First… thank you to all those who serve this country – military, police, fire, etc. Especially those stuck working on a day like today, when we celebrate our country’s independence with lots of sun and food and such… there are those that are protecting us so on a day like today I can be relaxing, enjoying a cold beverage and tending to 75+ pounds of roasting pig.

Catching A Tan

Here’s the pig after it’s been roasting for a bit over an hour… the roaster has been holding about 350, a big higher than I really want it to be I think… fortunately, the front basket of coals didn’t catch fully, so I think that’s a good thing for now. But let’s back up a bit… Continue reading

Small Plate Specials: Pico de Gallo

Anyone that knows me, knows I like to cook…. almost as much as I like to eat, but one of the challenges of cooking as a single person is quantities. Since my WLS it’s even more of an issue. typically I cook a small batch of something and it’s still three or four meals worth for me. But some things just don’t last.

I love my fresh made salsa, it’s great for a party, but when it’s just me… I can’t eat it all before it goes bad, so I typically buy Pace or some other jarred stuff. Well tonight I wanted to use some left overs to make nachos for dinner. I didn’t have any hot sauce, and I didn’t want to buy a whole jar of picante, so I figured I would try to make a small batch of pico de gallo. Pico is like salsa, but it isn’t really in any sort of sauce base, it’s basically some chopped tomato, onion, pepper seasoned with a bit of lime juice and such. So here’s what I started with.
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